Gone Girls: Sewn up and Spit Out, 9 Year-old Girl Commodities

Girls between ages 1-9 are kidnapped, sold, and bought at slave bazaars then married and remarried throughout Islamic-controlled areas. While ISIS may be orchestrating most of the child sex trafficking and condones institutionalized violence against women as a “righteous act,” it is important to understand this is not extremism and mirrors Muhammad’s behavior and instruction.

Muhammad did everything the Qur’an permits: marrying multiple women (4:3), including slaves (4:24) and prepubescent girls (65:4), and beating wives as a form of punishment (4:34). It is no coincidence that no 9 year-old girls can be found in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other areas experiencing humanitarian crises. This is Islam.

Muhammad’s last wife Aisha, was 9 when he consummated the marriage, was 6 years old when he married her, and he punched her in the chest (Sahih Muslim 4:2127).

As a result of the Arab Spring, most Iraqi Christian and Yazidi 1-9 year-old girls are kidnapped and sold, categorized, stripped, stripped naked, examined upon arrival by their buyer, distributed like produce or packages of beef—in groups of hundreds.

Less expensive than livestock, “sabaya” (girls sold into slavery) are worth less than $200.

Once they are purchased, they are held down, violated and either discarded or returned to be resold and remarried—up to 20 times—each.

It should come as no surprise that as Islam expands, slavery also expands. In some cases parents are able to buy back their kidnapped daughter for approximately the equivalent of one year’s salary.

Others are less fortunate. Parents are forced by Islamists to marry their daughters to jihadists in exchange for their family’s protection; some are given high dowries.

Imams encourage the remarrying of young girls as “virgins.” After the child is violated, in order to be resold and remarried, she undergoes surgery to “restore her virginity.” “Hufaad,” or female genital mutilation (FGM), in many Islamic controlled countries if a girl’s vagina is not sewn shut no man will marry her. Her financial worth lies solely in her virginity, proven by the surgical mutilation of her body.

Under Shari’a the Imam or the husband’s word alone is enough to grant a divorce. The girl can be remarried to another man for an hour and divorced again—legally under Shari’a. Undergoing FGM is often not a singular occurrence and the Qur’an condones forced sex, which is not considered “rape” or “violence.”

In Western societies these are illegal acts of pedophilia, sex-trafficking, prostitution, and human rights violations. Yet, under the auspice of Shari’a Councils in Rotherham U.K., Imams marry girls to men for marriages that last for one hour. In Manchester, U.K., girls and women are trafficked against their will, expected to be married at least 10 times—each.

Associated with child marriages and sex trafficking, health clinicians from the U.K. to Libya document growing numbers of forced abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths, and labor complications as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Nine year-old girls are pregnant: some after being raped by multiple men.

Doctors have observed young girls do not understand what is happening to them, don’t know what sex is, what pregnancy is or that they are pregnant, or why they are bleeding. But they do know excruciating pain.

Older Kurdish girls are killing themselves; ISIS revels in posting photos online of them dead, after suicide.

Few, if any of these girls can read or write. They are invisible—yet repurposed as profitable commodities.

Destroying society, culture, and the family by killing, kidnapping, enslaving, and prostituting girls is one method Islamists use to eliminate existing cultural and social norms and implement Islam as the “civilization alternative.”

To immediately help defenseless girls, donate money and needed items to people living and working directly with survivors and refugees. Here are a few:

A Demand for Action

International Association for Human Values

Iraqi Christian Relief Council

Preemptive Love

Roads of Success




June 9, 2015
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