EASY MEAT: A Comprehensive Report of British Officials Covering Up Muslim Pedophile Rings FOR DECADES [video]

Peter McClaughlin exposes decades of illegal and irresponsible behavior of British government officials and British police who covered up the existence of rampant sex-trafficking of young white girls by mostly immigrant Muslim men.

Easy Meat, chronicles factual evidence of social workers, police officers, Muslim organizations, journalists, and even some Members of Parliament, who knew about Islamic grooming gangs for decades, and turned a blind-eye to the crime of pedophilia and sex-trafficking of young white British girls.

He proves that the problem is widespread– well beyond the one town of Rotherham, which made international news several years ago for its pedophile ring trafficking more than 1400 victims. But the same crime exists throughout the U.K. evidencing that “multi-culturalism” does not work.

McLoughlin spent several years uncovering as much information as possible to document these crimes– before the evidence disappeared– because it was, and is, disappearing.

McLoughlin exposes why these crimes were, and are continuing to be covered up– because of political correctness and the political pressure to silence potential whistle-blowers.

An updated 2016 version adds new data. McLaughlin is perhaps the only person to provide such a comprehensive and well documented list of grooming gangs in England and grooming gang statistics.

McLoughlin argues,

From the 19th century until the middle of the 20th century, the educated elite in Britain knew about Islam’s history of slave-taking in general, and about the preference of these Muslim slavers to have white women as sex-slaves. Thus there is no excuse throughout the past 3 decades of this grooming scandal for the educated elite to have been ignorant of the role sex-slavery plays in the history of Islam. With this knowledge, they should have understood what it meant nearly 30 years ago when Sikh men in the West Midlands were first undertaking vigilante justice to stop their girls from being lured into a life of sex-slavery by Muslim gangs.”

He also provides a video on his website that the gangs use to lure sex-trafficking victims:

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