Watch: Danish Imam Explains Islam’s Goal is to Conquer Europe, Not ‘Integrate’

A video broadcast by a Danish television station shows Mohammad Fouad al-Barazi, the head imam of the Islamic Union in Denmark, explain that the goal of the massive migrant influx into Europe is designed to conquer, as an act of war.

Migration of non-refugee, healthy, young men, is part of “hijra.”

Hijra is a massive political movement.

Its primary goal is to “view the immigration of Muslims to the West is to be regarded as the most important step on the ladder for achieving the establishment of an Islamic state in the West. This is the primary objective of Islamic mission in the West.” 

This is why so many “refugees” flooding Europe and America at the same time is neither a coincidence nor an accident. This Danish Imam’s assertion is no different than what a Norwegian Islamic leader explained to a Norwegian television station.

As part of the Danish TV2 series, “Mosques Behind the Veil,” Imam al-Barazi acknowledges:

Right now we are in a time when we are opening these countries.”

Experts, Professors Tina Magaard and Thomas Hoffmann, told the station that the word “open,” means “to conquer.”

And, al-Barazi gives advice to the Muslims arriving in Western countries: don’t integrate into western society. He explains:

When I came to this country 23 years ago, we were only 55,000 Muslims. Now we are 300,000.

The number of Muslims is 300,000 now.

“Hence the conclusion of this talk is that it is possible to live in this country without melting in. You must understand the conditions, without melting into society.”

Anyone who thinks otherwise, should listen to al-Barazi’s remarks, and other Islamic leaders throughout Europe. Or, watch groups of Islamists who shout throughout the streets of Copenhagen, “Muslim armies, do your duty. We have had enough of failure.”

The Islamic organization, Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), demands that Shari’a law be the law of European countries.

March 25, 2016

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