She Waited 71 Years for a Bible

The Christian non-profit organization, Asia Harvest reports that its team recently met a woman in Myanmar (Burma), who shared her story of wanting a bible in her own language since she was a child.

She finally got one at 84-years-old.

She said:

I was born in December 1931. My parents were very poor so I started first grade when I was 13 years old. There was only one Bible in our village and it belonged to our pastor. I really wanted to have my own copy, so I have been praying to God for a Bible since 1945, when I was 14. Whenever I saw the Bible in the pastor’s hands, I really wanted to have my own, so I kept praying.

“I was very hungry for the Word of God and I desperately wanted to read it, but there were no Bibles available. This was truly heartbreaking for me and I became so discouraged that for a time I stopped praying to have a Bible. But then someone gave me the Book of Mark. I was elated and I read it whenever I could. I almost memorized the whole book, and it strengthened my faith. By the grace of God, today I received the full Bible from you for free. This is amazing. Only God can do this. He has answered my 71 years of prayer for a Bible. The Lord is so good to me. My favorite Scripture is Psalm 23. I send my thanks to all who donated, supported and brought this precious Bible to me. I will always read it. God bless you all.”

She received her bible through Asia Harvest’s Asian Bible Fund. This organization has provided more than 677, 000 bibles in 72 different Asian languages, and recently celebrated distributing its 10th million bible in China.

It costs roughly $2.70 to print and distribute bibles. Donations to this ministry are needed; more about its work can be learned here.

Some of the languages of the Asian Bible fund are below with links to more information about a tribe or ethnic group:

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