Racism in America isn’t “Racism” but Something Strange is Going on …

Born with the wrong skin color; a white woman says she is black and her white biological parents aren’t her parents. Rachel Dolezal, a white woman was outed for pretending to be a black woman who became the Spokane WA NAACP president.

Racism isn’t about race. People who hate authority, have no respect for others, behave badly has nothing to do with race. Instead, attitudes and behavior are directly linked to morality and one’s understanding of right and wrong.

Parents need to take ownership in what their children are doing and hold them accountable for their actions and parents should be held accountable. It’s about the parents and teaching our children to respect authority figures, whether it’s a cop, a teacher, or a parent walking down the street.”  — Kisa Jackson

Why is Al Sharpton relevant?

Al Sharpton is a cancer on society that needs to be cut out. He has been on the wrong side of the American people since he opened his mouth. Ban Al Sharpton. He is trying to destroy your community. If he cannot get money out of you he does not care about you. America boycott Al Sharpton now.

“Al Sharpton is not a man of God. A man of God would not destroy communities. He will lead you to your own destruction. He is the mouthpiece of the devil.”– Michele Conry

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