ABUNDANTLY CLEAR: Listen to What This Jerusalem Mosque Teaches [video]

Thanks to MEMRI TV, what is taught at a Jerusalem mosque is made quite clear:

Oh Allah, Blow up capitals and planes of America and Russia. Pulverize their ships and kill their soldiers.

“Subjugate them and burn them.

“Bring about the Caliphate soon.

“Make our mujahideen powerful.”

But this is not just any mosque. It’s the Al-Aqsa mosque. After Islamic invaders sacked Jerusalem in 637 AD they constructed a mosque on top of Israel’s holiest site in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount. The mosque was initially built with stones from a destroyed church and the famous Dome of the Rock sits inside its grounds.


The Qur’an and the Hadith tell a story of Muhammad’s “Night Journey” to the then non-existing mosque, when a flying horse called Barack flew him from Mecca to Jerusalem. Initially, Muslims prayed facing towards Jerusalem but later turned towards Mecca to pray after the Jews and Israel rejected Islam. The mosque is considered the “third holiest site” of Islam.

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