Warning to America from ex-Muslim, Pastor Mulinde [video]

Ex-Muslim, now Christian Pastor Umar Mulinde of Kampala, Uganda, was attacked by Muslims, targeted because he had not only left Islam and converted to Christianity, but also was committed to preaching the gospel. On December 24, 2011 he was attacked with acid, which burned half of his face and the back of his head. The attackers screamed “Allahu Akbar” three times before they ran away.

Crying, he tells his story to Tom Trento, of The United West, while still recovering at the Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel. He explains he cries because, “he knows he is doing something right;” because “God is mighty.”

Aged 37 at the time, married with six children, Mulinde was born into a Muslim family. His father leads the Muslim community in Kampala and he and his older brother both finished the Da’wah to Islam, specific teaching, training for Islamic “missionaries” a Da’i’, to convert non-Muslims to Islam.

To Americans, Mulinde declares:

“God Almighty has given you grace. Whatever you do in America influences the world. You have that grace. One thing that Islam is doing to defeat you is causing you to be a coward and fearful.” 

He admonishes Americans to:

“Stand up and speak against the invasion of Islamization, which is going on in your country.”

Americans are privileged– and have an imperative opportunity to lead the world in fighting Islam. But they must first realize Islam is their most serious present danger.

October 26, 2015

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