The only bogus claims are those made by CAIR

The purpose of my Axis Mundi column in The Washington Times is to address issues, problems, solutions and encouragement for Christians about a range of issues that are important to faith and family. In the queue are drafts about ministers, religious freedom, elections and state- or event-specific issues.

The column to which Nihad Awad, national executive director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR), objects is only one of several that have been published by a range of news outlets highlighting the fact that when churches close, they are replaced by something else. Within the last two decades churches have been rapidly closing, sold or demolished throughout Europe and the consequences are multi-faceted and dire.

To be clear: All of the columns related to churches closing are indictments of Christianity. Moral degradation, less-to-no procreation, broken families, reliance on a welfare state, abandoned and/or aborted children are all an indictment of empty pulpits and churches. Authentic Christianity results in human flourishing, as is the natural response to hearing and accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The social problems inherent in our society are directly related to the failure of the church, both individual and corporate, which is not living as it has been called.

In these columns I maintain democratic freedoms must be safeguarded, including free speech — not hate speech — and demand government officials who have taken oaths to defend the U.S. Constitution actually keep them or be impeached. Keeping their sworn oath requires them to actively protect citizens from threats both foreign and domestic.

Being part of a solution first requires identifying threats. Mislabeling me or anyone else who advocates the Constitution be followed as “hatemongers,” “fear mongers,” “bigots,” “ignorant,” or “phobic” of some kind only expresses irrational hatred by accusers who offer no solution.

Being part of the solution is only part of the motivation. As a Christian, naming and fighting evil is rooted in love — love that seeks to safeguard the innocent and offer an alternative to those influenced by evil. Every Christian is responsible

January 9, 2015

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