Meet These Swedish Bikini-Clad Anti-Groping Girl Vigilantes [PHOTO GALLERY]


The Daily Mail exclusively reported on the latest phenomenon Swedes are resorting to in attempt to keep Islamists from molesting their women and girls.

At one particular public swimming pool in Kalmar, Sweden, several women banded together, calling themselves “Tafsvakten,” or “Groping Guards.”

Wearing bikinis and tattoos, these women are taking matters into their own hands after five women were molested in their town by Islamic migrants in the last few months.

Kalmar, south of Stockholm, has opened 34 migrant centers to handle the 6,000 migrants imported into their tiny town of 36,000 residents. And like Cologne, Germany, Kalmar is experiencing an extreme increase in the number of sexual assaults by Muslims against its women and girls.

One guard, Siri Bernhardsson, told the Mail:

We are here to teach these boys they must learn to behave. We are tired of men thinking they can come to Sweden and molest women when all we want is to be left in peace to swim without being felt up.”

She added:

It happens at concerts, in train stations and in swimming pools. Most of the victims feel ashamed and don’t report it to the police. We know that there have been attacks in our swimming pool that have not been reported.

“They have been forced to separate men from women in the jacuzzis because of all the attacks. That should not happen in 2016 in Sweden.”

These women are regular people, citizens, patrolling pools for the safety of their neighbors. They are Siri Bernhardsson, Lotta Stenberg, Ella Sjoberg, and Malin Gustafsson.

Learn more about these brave women in the Mail’s photo gallery.

March 3, 2016

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