Islamic Scholar Clarifies “Defensive Jihad” [video]

Islamic scholar Ayatollah Ahmad Al a Al Baghdadi explains “Defensive Jihad,” arguing if it were properly implemented, Islamists would successfully “invade the world.”

He states, “This is not just my opinion. It’s the opinion of all five Islamic sects.”

To theoretically invade America, for example, Islamists would “tell the Americans, ‘we debate them in a transparent way;’ a civilized way; you see Islam is Great and so on.

Islam is with the poor and the hungry, with workers and peasants, and is against privatization, against investments, against capitalism, against bourgeoisie, we beg them to become Muslims!”

After explaining the process of taxing the non-believer, referred to as Jizya, Al Baghdadi clarifies three choices given to Christians and Jews within Defensive Jihad.

He says, “If he is of the People of the Book (Christian or Jew) we give him three choices.

One, you become Muslim. If he accepts, we don’t take Jizya from him.

“If he remains a Christian, and that’s his right, we tell him, ‘Give me Jizya.’

“If he refuses Jizya, we fight him!”

Unlike Christians and Jews, polytheists are given two choices: “[Accept] Islam or we fight him!”

Watch him explain with transcribed comments:

December 7, 2015

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