INCREDIBLE VIDEO: What Your Kids Could Have Learned At Summer Camp for “Future Terrorists”

More than half of the population of Gaza are under age 18. More than half of these children attend summer camps, which stretch into the fall, and some continue all year round– indoctrinating them to hate and kill Jews, and eventually all non-Muslims.

Three organizations provide a range of activities at camps attended by up to 50,000 each, depending on the length of the program: Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the UNITED NATIONS. Camps are open to boys and girls who are at least ten years old.

Every year children are trained to fire machine guns and plant mines, implement military positions, practice kidnappings, and learn first aid. Suicide attacks are idolized: many campers “dream of martyrdom.” Posters plastered on camp walls glorify children suicide bombers.

More than 100,000 children participated in Hamas’s 2014 summer camps, a number that has remained consistent for years. This past July, 50,000 children gathered to participate in the “Jerusalem Intifada” camp alone.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) teaches children to kill Jews.

This video reveals what children are taught at UNRWA summer camp, courtesy of millions of dollars contributed by the U.S., U.K., and other western countries.

James Lindsay, former general counsel to UNRWA, wrote in a Washington Institute for Near East Policy monograph that:

UNRWA has taken very few steps to detect and eliminate terrorists from the ranks of its staff or its beneficiaries, and no steps at all to prevent members of terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, from joining its staff.”

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad camps offer military training sessions and introductory programs related to “Jerusalem Intifada.” Called, the “vanguards of liberation,” these camps teach the next generation of “soldiers of Jerusalem” to join the mujahideen and the al-Qassam brigades.

One highlight is to learn how to crawl beneath barbed wire and use assault rifles during simulated attacks on Israeli military outposts. One senior Hamas official explains:

These camps are designed to prepare a generation that carries the Quran and rifle. The camps show that Palestinians support the resistance and the project of liberation of Palestine. The goal is to liberate Palestine and the Aqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem].”

Another official administering a Hamas camp told The Guardian:

Of course we have a political agenda. We believe the older generation has a duty to tell the younger generation about these issues. We are letting them play but also giving them a message. We must not let them forget that we are an occupied people.”

Hamas’s slogan is implemented in all aspects of the camp’s teachings:

Allah is the goal (of Hamas); Muhammad is its sign; the Qur’an is its law; jihad is its path; and death on behalf of Allah is (Hamas’s) highest aspiration.”

One camp official explained in a propaganda video posted on a Hamas YouTube channel that:

sacrificed their souls as martyrs in jihad for the sake of Allah, leaders who will be their role models, on the path to liberation and martyrdom. This prompts these youth to proceed on this path, without fear, with force and steadfastness.”

One camper told Israel’s Channel 2 News,

We are participating in the camp so that we will know how to fight the Zionist enemy and regain our ancestral home of Palestine.”

Guess where children register for these camps?

At mosques.

Hamas camp recruitment and indoctrination of children is primarily conducted through mosques, which serve as epicenters for Hamas activities.

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