German and Austrian Sexual Assault Prevention Flyers Aren’t Working. Wonder Why …

The Austrian government created a flyer (also used by Switzerland) to educate and prevent Muslim migrant men from sexually assaulting its women. But the flyers aren’t working.

In the latest string of sexual assaults, a “dark-skinned” young foreign man preyed on a 13-year-old Austrian girl at a pool in Mistelbach, Austria. Russia Today reported that he followed her into the women’s changing room and forced her to perform oral sex. She fiercely resisted and started shouting and he ran away.

One would think there would be security at the pool, and especially in the changing rooms. Somehow, a flyer, was supposed to prevent crime.

According to Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, witnesses who saw the man fleeing, in addition to the girl, identified him as a young “foreigner.” The police began looking for him in the eight asylum facilities and surrounding areas and the mayor of the town, Alfred Pohl, issued a temporary pool ban for migrants, stating, “This news was a shock.”

How is this news a shock? They put out a flyer to prevent it from happening.

Is it a shock that the flyer didn’t work?

The flyer, “Ground Rules” was designed to make clear what kind of behavior is acceptable in public (shaking hands, kissing, and praying) and what isn’t (punching women and children in the head, flying into a rage and slapping children).

The pictograms, or cartoons, were included, considering that migrants can’t read German.


The government tried to “focus on role models, and equality between men and women.”  The flyers were designed to show that,

“there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment. The motto is ‘If you come to us, abide by our rules.'”

Germany also distributed a comparable flyer, with the following explanations:

young girls feel harassed by demands such as asking for a cell phone number or Facebook contact, or marriage proposals

when nature calls we do exclusively on toilets, not in parks and gardens, and not on hedges and behind bushes.”

The anti-sexual-assault flyers aren’t working in Germany either.

But despite this failed attempt to prevent sexual assaults, what does the German government do? It created and distributed another flyer, hoping to educate “sexually frustrated” male migrants.

The updated leaflet depicts acceptable and unacceptable behavior:

Unacceptable: touching a woman’s behind (#12), trying to drown other swimmers (#4), pushing women into the pool (#3), jumping/diving onto a woman (#7).

Some towns rightly banned adult Muslim migrant men. Reuters reported that “a western German town has barred adult male asylum seekers from its public indoor swimming pool after receiving complaints that some women were sexually harassed there. … The deputy mayor of Bornheim … said … a difficult decision was taken to send a clear message that breaching German cultural norms was a red line that should not be crossed.

“This led to my decision that adult males from our asylum shelters may not enter the swimming pool until further notice.”

Here’s a suggestion for these governments: it’s called deportation and repatriation.

Send the men back to where they came from because they are not in Austria or Germany to become western or abide by western laws.

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