EasyJet Passenger Screams “Allahu Akbar” 29 times, “Death is Coming” 17 times, “We will die” 9 times [video]


Two-hour frenzy on plane as migrant being deported to Venice screams “Allahu Akbar” 29 times, “death is coming” 17 times and “we will die” nine times.

He was in handcuffs, but still. EasyJet’s crew told the terrified passengers to delete photos and recordings by crew– instead of reassuring them of their safety, or the Home Office official guarding him making him quiet.

The migrant screamed the entire two-hour flight.

A passenger’s 11-minute audio recording of his rant was published by The Daily Mail:

Worse still, The Mail reports:

The unidentified migrant, who was being deported to Venice, kept up the ‘crude and threatening’ behaviour for nearly the entire length of the budget flight, according to those on board.

The presence of the disturbed man on easyJet flight EZY5263 from Gatwick to Venice on August 23 turned what should have been a routine trip into a nightmare.

Ironically, rather than calming worried passengers, easyJet cabin crew ordered passengers to delete videos and pictures of the man they had taken on mobile phones.

The Mail also reports that this is the first reported incident of a migrant being deported disrupting a flight.

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