Abortion Clinic Workers Admit to Killing Babies Outside of Womb [video]

40 week baby

In the book, Complications: Abortions Impact on Women, the authors cite a 1995 Stanford Law & Policy Review, in which abortionists explain how they dealt with late-term abortions in the 1990’s.

Authors Wachbroit and Wasserman reported in, “Patient Autonomy and Value Neutrality Nondirective Genetic Counseling” (Stanford Law & Policy Review 1995; 6 (2): 103 – 11) that it was unsettling to staff if the baby was not fully dead. They wrote that the abortionists stated:

We use urea to be certain that we effect fetal death. It is unsettling to all personnel to deliver these fetuses when they are not stillborn.”

This report from the 1995 confirms what most already know about the abortion industry: some babies survive abortions. How many remains uncertain.

Whether or not they are killed inside or outside of the womb, the methods are still cruel, and unusual punishment for innocent and defenseless human beings.

Below is graphic footage of late-term abortions and interview coverage of a doctor who performs third-trimester abortions. Of the baby’s life, he says,

In my heart and mind, you know, life begins when the mother thinks it begins, not when anybody else things it begins. For some women, it’s before they conceive; for some women, it’s never.”

But if it’s “never,” then why is there a need to terminate a non-living human being? This short, 7-minute video created by Live Action, insight into his thinking and the everyday practice of murder is revealed:

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