A Reminder: Muhammad Ali Was Not a Great Man [video]

This former Muslim woman who escaped Somalia and became a Christian now living in Sweden, explains why the glorification of the former champion heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali is offensive. It’s offensive to Christians, to black Africans and to women. And she’s right.

Muhammad Ali might have been a great fighter, but he was a man who beat his wife and “converted” to the ideology of slavery. By converting to Islam and renaming himself Muhammad, after the Islamic white man who owned black African slaves, he betrayed his own race. She argues that “Muhammad Ali is a traitor to the African people” because he took a slave owner’s name.

This woman explains the irony and tragedy of Cassius Clay, who she argues, sold his soul to Arab racists who took African, Indian, and primarily Christians as slaves for centuries. Indeed, the Islamic slave trade alone has sold more than 200 million people over the last 1400 years.  And it is still enslaving millions today.

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