ObamaCare to Increase Health Insurance Premiums by 100-400 Percent, Deficit and Taxes to Skyrocket

Americans have every right to be worried. Come January 1, 2014 and for years to come, their health insurance premiums will implode, their taxes will increase, and the nation’s deficit will soar- all thanks to President Obama, those who voted for him, and Democratic Congressmembers who voted for ObamaCare.

Americans can expect individual premiums to become unaffordable. Health insurance costs will go up because medical claims costs will become more expensive to process due to ObamaCare regulations. The cost to implement ObamaCare will significantly increase the deficit, and taxes to pay for ObamaCare will increase as well. And, don’t forget that the trusted IRS is tasked with enforcing ObamaCare and that every taxpayer will have to submit their health insurance information with their taxes.

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The Homosexual Assault on Religious Freedom

There is an unfortunate reality sweeping across America. Homosexuals’ “civil rights” are considered to be legally greater than a Christian’s claim to religious liberty. As a result of exercising their faith, Christians are being punished legally and financially. Christians are called “bigots” for maintaining their convictions and their faith is marginalized, minimized, and mocked because they believe in the biblical view of marriage.

At stake is whether or not Christians will risk losing their livelihood and/or pay hefty fines for holding fast to their religious beliefs.

Consider the plight of bakers, photographers, florists, and property owners, who are being sued and ostracized because of their faith.

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Pimp-in-Chief: Promoting Sex to 10 Year-Old Girls

If you didn’t think things could get worse under the Obama Administration, think again.

It appears we now have a Pimp-in-Chief, promoting through the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office on Women’s Health, a website, www.girlshealth.gov, which defines anal sex, mutual masturbation, gay sex, birth control, and emergency contraceptives to girls aged 10-16-as normal and healthy.

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Holder is No Moses, But Obama is Modern Day Pharaoh

When asked if Attorney General Eric Holder should resign for the numerous scandals in which he finds himself, MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson said, “What Holder should understand is that he is the chief lawgiver of the United States of America, so to speak- he’s the Moses of our time, and at least for this administration.”

To state the obvious: nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Moses could demand quite a few things of President Obama, America’s modern day Pharaoh.

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The Womb: The Most Unsafe Place for Girls

China’s Systemic ‘Gendercide’ and Sex-Selective Abortion in the U.S. 

Recent reports reveal the costly socio-economic and human reality of four decades of gendercide in China. Gendercide is sex-selective abortion, which has resulted in the murder of girls (born or unborn) at disproportionately higher rates than boys. Gendercide is a direct result of China’s One Child Policy.

If the consequences of China’s policies are not seriously heeded, tragedies of unknown proportions will occur in America—as they are already occurring around the world.

In 1964, the first national Family Planning Office was established to oversee China’s fertility reduction program, which included implementing a One Child Policy (one child per couple). To enforce the policy, the government instituted mandatory birth control and abortion (often referred to as “remedial measures”).

By 1979, China enforced stricter rules. Government officials chart women’s menstrual cycles and require monthly pelvic exams to prevent pregnancies. Every married couple must apply for a birth permit before starting a pregnancy. After having one child, women are required to be inserted with IUDs or be sterilized. If a pregnancy is unauthorized, it is to be terminated and one spouse is required to be sterilized. For the majority of people, a second pregnancy and any pregnancy without a birth permit, is referred to as “out-of-plan” and illegal.

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No, Pope Francis is not ‘Obsessed with Satan,’ He’s Just a Christian who Believes in the Devil

The mainstream media is at it again. “The Pope And The Devil: Is Francis an Exorcist,” an Associated Press (AP) headline reads. The reporter writes that “Francis’ obsession with Satan” is because he has mentioned the devil “on a handful of occasions” within a two month period.

On USA Today “USA Now,” host Shannon Rae Green says, “take a look at this disturbing video,” of Pope Francis purportedly performing an exorcist on a man in a wheelchair, who convulses and slumps in his chair after Francis lays hands on him. Green remarks that, “Francis has made it clear that he believes in the devil and refers to Satan often in his teachings, even devoting a chapter to the devil in his book, On Heaven and Earth.”

Why is the liberal media surprised by what the Pope says when Christianity quite clearly teaches the reality of the devil? Christians believing in the devil is not new news. But apparently ignorance and denial is.

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It’s Not Over Until the Converted Lady Sings

MaryAnn McCormick, an internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano, has been hailed in the press as “charismatic,” “spell-binding,” and “elegant.” Performing roles such as Carmen to Suzuki in Madame Butterfly, McCormick has sung worldwide, won a Grammy, and just celebrated her 100th performance at the Metropolitan Opera – a feat not every accomplished opera singer can claim.

McCormick, a native of Pittsburgh, admits that her road to becoming as successful as she has, has been challenging and complicated, especially since she became a Christian seven years ago.

“Since becoming a Christian, it’s not been as easy,” she says. “Many performers wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever they need to do to get ahead, but as a Christian I can’t do that. This is a very ego driven and competitive career – it takes a level of expertise and training to sing in this environment under intense pressure, and to be emotionally savvy.”

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