Bethany Blankley primarily reports for The Center Square newswire, a publication of the Franklin News Foundation. She’s gained national recognition for her reporting at the Texas-Mexico border, for her coverage of border security issues impacting the southern and northern borders and local communities across America.

She also covers some Texas and Florida legislative issues as well as national and Texas energy policy, religious freedom & the U.S. military, among other issues with an emphasis on how public policy impacts the taxpayer.

The Border Report with Bethany Blankley explains basic facts about the border, shares the experiences of those she’s met, and describes the unique history, diverse cultures and geography of the Lone Star State that she’s had the privilege of reporting on throughout her travels over the years.

Previous opinion commentary about religion and politics in America was published by The Washington Times (Axis Mundi), Townhall, Religion Today, Christian Headlines, Patheos/Hedgerow, among others. She has also regularly contributed to public radio and Fox News Radio affiliates nationwide.

Prior to writing for national news publications, Bethany worked in press offices of elected officials in Washington, D.C., and New York City. As a former Capitol Hill staffer, her first job was with former Senate Majority Leader Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kansas. She then went on to work in the press offices of three U.S. Senators and one Congressman on Capitol Hill, a former New York governor and nonprofits filling the roles of speech writer, press secretary and spokesperson.

Bethany earned her MA in Theology from New College at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and her BA in Political Science with honors from the University of Maryland. She is a past fellow of the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal and L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland.

All photos and video published on Bethany’s social media and website platforms are copyrighted. For reprint permission or speaking requests, contact editor [at] bethanyblankley.com.

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